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Join a group that actually teaches you how to trade and shows real profits from fellow traders.

We give step-by-step tutorials

We know that stock trading can be kind of confusing, especially for a beginner. But that’s why we give you step-by-step tutorials because we were once at that point too.

We teach everything from setting up your trading account, reading charts, how to take profits, and most importantly, managing your risks.

Live testimonials

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We have bots!

Being a stock trader is hard enough as it is, so we’ve installed bots to help make it as easy as possible. Our bots can tell you real-time option flow, open interest, specific candle patterns, charts, news, and tweets from POTUS. 

Our daily watchlist

Before the stock market opens, we post our daily watchlist, which tells you what stocks we’re looking at, why we’re looking at them, what we’re looking for before we enter, and the price we’ll enter at. 

We always watch out for the news with our news bot 

As a stock trader, it’s crucial to keep your ears open to the news. But with so much going on like watching charts and making sure your setups are working out, it can be hard to keep up with the news. 

That’s why we have a bot to do it for you!

Earn more and trade anywhere

You don't have to be behind a desk all day or do any hard labor in extreme conditions. All you need is your mobile device and you can make money wherever you go.

What we offer

Join our family, purchase my e-book, or do both! 

Either way, it's time to learn and earn. 

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