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Honey Drip University is a mentorship program that is free-formed to give you 1-on-1 training and advice in the areas of need for option trading. You can choose from the list of adminstrators from Honey Drip Trading group chat to personally mentor you for 6 weeks!

What's Included

Receive 1-on-1 mentorship from an admin of your choice

Services last over a span of 6 weeks

Ask personalized questions related to option trading

Get trading advice from your mentor

Guidance on how to successfully execute a trade

Step-by-step assistance in areas of confusion

There are only 6 slots open per admin per term so don't miss out on your opportunity to get mentored for this term!

Meet The Team


My name is Kamil also known as Velocity. I’m from New York. I have been option trading for over 2 years now and have tested & mastered a lot of new strategies from charting to premium trading, all time frame breakout numbers and so on. As an administrator in Honey Drip Trading, I’m here to teach you why 90% of people quit not fail when it comes to option trading. I want everyone to become financially free and have this as a great source of income! As your mentor it will be my goal to make sure you leave with more knowledge then you came to me with.


Hello, my name is Yanni, I'm 21 years old and from Long Island, New York. Originally, as a premed student, I decided to switch majors in order to better grasp the financial markets and have been deeply interested in the stock market since. I started investing in companies in high school but decided to go the day trading route, specializing in both options and equities for 2+ years. During this time, I was trading my own savings and was able to take a small account to 6 figures and counting while still enrolled at St John University. After first joining Honey Drip Trading in 2019 and being one of the first students at AMU University, I now work as a trader at a professional proprietary trading firm in Midtown Manhattan and a proud admin of Honey Drip Trading. 


My name is Clay Howell. I am 44 years old. I currently reside in Middle Georgia, where I was born and raised. I am a Registered Nurse Anesthetist and have an Anesthesia business with 3 partners. Although I give Anesthesia as a job, my true passion is trading.  I started trading equity in 2016. I was member of discord trading chats where I learned the basics of trading. I then found Aristotle’s group and took AMU.  This led to my obsession with trading. I have countless hours of trading and experience under my belt. I have read multiple books and have since traded millions of option contracts. My main strategy when trading is finding high probability set ups for swing positions. I concentrate on contract


Hey everyone, my name is Shayan but you guys probably know me as Blaze. Most people think the name blaze comes from smoking, but it actually comes from the fire that burns inside. I come from humble beginnings - my family is from Pakistan and we moved to New York when I was a Kid. I went to the University of Connecticut for a bachelors in Finance. I worked for a fortune 50 company doing their Financial Leadership Program where I learned 4 different disciplines in finance.  I've been trading equities for 4 years now - but I was introduced to options trading about 2 years ago when I met Aristotle.  Over the last 2 years I have spent thousands of hours doing dozens of courses and mentorships to perfect my craft. I am still evolving in this game. I hope to bring you along with my journey and give you everything that I've learned that ACTUALLY works in this mentorship! I hope to bring you life long value!



I’m a Latin American with a degree in digital design. I reside and was raised in The Bronx New York area not too far from where some of the best traders come from, “Wall Street”.  I came across trading about 2 years ago when I ran into my mentor Aristotle. He honestly motivated me to become the trader I am today especially since I was already looking for a way to make extra income that would allow me to keep my 9-5. Trading was the best opportunity for me in my life and would lead me to financial freedom. After learning from books, videos, discord and Aristotle AMU course, I became a very confident swing trader and day trader. As time past, I have been given the opportunity to administer a huge community of traders like myself.  I manage to help a community of traders in Aristotle’s discord group on making profits by giving out signals on my  high probability plays and setups. I hope to educate others and make them an even better trader than myself through this mentoring course. 


My name is Conner/Felony. I have been trading for 4 years, but I've been trading full-time for  a little over a year and a half. First, I would like to thank you for trusting me to further your trading journey. I will be starting at A and covering everything in between Z, no stones left un-turned. I am very transparent and open about trading including the good, bad and ugly. We can work on fine tuning your current strategy or I can go over my thought process and my trading strategy. I will do so by nit picking it and breaking it down to conform to your own, laying my trading strategy completely out for you to mirror, and/or choose to make your own giving you all the necessary knowledge and tools to be consistently profitable. I went through all the trials and tribulations so you don’t have to. I will help you understand not only how to successfully trade with multiple strategies, but understand the market as a whole and what influences it.